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About Us

Be Lofty Corporation is a start-up aiming to provide new concepts for planning and collaborative management for private, public and professional communities

Be Lofty Think, innovate and create

We are connecting business to consumers in a private network to respond to needs in organization, management and social communication in real-time.

This Startup was created mainly because of two innovative ideas, wich are our main products that we are working on right now :

  • Tomoov which will revolutionize the collaborative management of private communities ( sport clubs and other organizations …)
  • Moovento in event coordination that will ease event planning in a consumer to consumer market place.

Our Strategy is to develop new concepts based on innovative ideas with our own manpower, we have many skills:

  • FrontEnd and BackEnd programming
  • Android & IOS programming
  • Digital marketing

Be Lofty Corporation was created by Abdelmjid LOTFI and Nizar BELMAHFOUD on January 2018.

Our Products

We are working at the moment on these products

Tomoov is a web platform that will open up new possibilities for club management. Our platform allows you to efficiently manage all of the administration processes of your club and make it easy.

By creating your club space within Tomoov , it brings you a precious help in the management of regular or occasional courses, members, competitions and ressources.

Through our innovative idea, all the community can follow the club’s activities, communicate and take part in it.

With our concept, your club space is visible from the outside as a website offering multiple possibilities (membership management, Private Social communication, participation in a training open to the public ...).

Tomoov generates:

  • Saving of time ( back-office and secretariat )
  • Better organization and greater accuracy for a gain in quality and cost saving
  • Greater communication and spare business development


Whether it is for a supervized field trip, a sport activity or for sharing a meal with friends, Moovento is the application you need today for organizing all your events and involve all the people arround you.

Moovento allows you to:

  • Find out events around you
  • Create your own events
  • Invite new people whatever their geographic location
  • Pay your stake to the event

We are planning to offer all of this for FREE.

Our strategy

We always aim to create a very competetive products :

Clean Code & Design

Extremely Flexible

Latest Technologies

Easy to Use

Responsive Design

Deticated Support